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Composit produces fabric-reinforced rubber slurry hoses of different modifications

for dredging equipment, taking into account the different peculiarities of operating objects and main obstacles preventing successful operation:


- self-floating hose;
- floating hose;
- rubber-lined steel pipe for a dredging deck.
Composit products comply with all existing requirements and needs in the field of dredging.

Wear-resistant fabric-reinforced rubber hoses are universally applicable since they are suitable for many different types of industrial uses.

A fabric-reinforced rubber hose is made of three parts: an internal wear-resistant chamber, fabric power frame, and external protective rubber layer.

Wear-resistant hoses and pipes for mining and processing complex by Composit LLC are flexible rubber hoses and steel rubber-lined pipes to be used in the sectors of:

mining, construction, metallurgy, power, chemical industry etc.