Floating station assembly
Floating station assembly - image 1

Floating station assembly

Basic description

It is installed on the discharge section of the floating quarry dewatering  in order to provide the necessary flexibility when maneuvering.

– increased inner layer for resistance to abrasive wear;
– welding is not required on the pipeline when the water level in the quarry sump changes;
– flexibility and mobility.

This is a flexible flanged hose that is installed between the floating station and the shore pipeline. Composit’s flexible rubber hose can be used as an onshore hose, its design allows the transportation of the pumped material in accordance with the terrain of the quarry.

Composit can also offer rubber lined steel pipes(bends, T-section) as alternative to the Onshore flexible hose.

What's included
Floating station assembly - image 1
Floating station assembly
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