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Lens expansion joint for mining

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Designed to compensate temperature deformations, eliminate vibration and noise during hydro-transportation (or pneumatic transportation) of abrasive materials with possible content of inorganic acids and alkalis, or gas, diesel fuel, technical oils with concentration up to 20%. The Lens Expansion Joint thus increases the service life of the equipment.

The Lens Expansion Jointis a flexible insert made of cord fabric. The internal part consists of natural and synthetic rubber. The construction contains rotary flanges.

Specifications - +
Working pressure
Up to 1,0 MPa
Testing pressure
Up to 1,5 MPa
Bursting pressure
Up to 3,0 MPa

The warranty period of storage and operation is according to the technical specifications of the manufacturer.

The Supplier guarantees the reliability of the supplied Goods within the terms specified in the quality certificate, subject to the rules of transportation, storage and operation.

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Lens expansion joint for mining - image 1
Mining Lens expansion joint for mining
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