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Composit produces fabric-reinforced rubber slurry hoses of different modifications

for dredging equipment, taking into account the different peculiarities of operating objects and main obstacles preventing successful operation:


- self-floating hose;
- floating hose;
- rubber-lined steel pipe for a dredging deck.
Precisely wear-resistant floating hoses make it possible to mine large soil volumes as part of a diesel or electric dredge (with a possibility of laying an electric cable).

Rubber hoses and their components are used for such tasks as:


- dredging;
- clearing of river beds;
- commercial sand mining;
- land reclamation.
Composit products comply with all existing requirements and needs in the field of dredging.

Wear-resistant fabric-reinforced rubber hoses are universally applicable since they are suitable for many different types of industrial uses.

A fabric-reinforced rubber hose is made of three parts: an internal wear-resistant chamber, fabric power frame, and external protective rubber layer.

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The construction of floating hoses is unique. Its float is designed for different conditions and dredging equipment peculiarities. The floating pulp line ensures high productivity and smooth operation without the need for technical support.

Rubber pipes have a wear-resistant internal layer that provides resistance to abrasive deterioration. Composit’s Laboratory develops the one-of-a-kind recipe of rubber mixture for an internal chamber of the rubber hose to suit the characteristics of the transferred material.

Types of transferred materials:

– copper-containing slurry 

– polymetallic slurry

– iron-containing  slurry

– gold-containing  slurry

– coal slurry

– kimberlite slurry (diamond slurry)

– cement, concrete

– fiberglass

– clarified water

– salt solutions

– weak solutions of acids and alkalis concentrated up to 40%

– solutions with up to 20% petrochemicals

– gypsum slurry

– sand and gravel mix

– sludge, sand

– water

– pebble

One of the most important parts of dredging projects is a dredging deck. Metallic components within it tend to quickly wear out and require frequent service maintenance and replacements that lead to unplanned interruptions during the navigation period. Our technical specialists developed an innovative solution – rubber-lined items. They consist of a metallic frame and an inner wear-resistant rubber part that ensures the equipment works smoothly and operates for an extended period.

Fabric-reinforced rubber slurry hoses are used in partnering facilities in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The fact our products are widely used proves our success and demand.

Composit is working extensively to enter and prosper in the international dredging market. Shipments of dredging hoses with an inner diameter of 500 mm and higher for international projects confirm that statement.