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Composit has over 30 years of expertise in scientific research, development, and implementation of wear-resistant rubber products – manufacturing fabric-reinforced rubber hoses and components for companies conducting mining, processing, and dredging operations.

Apart from production, our company delivers technical projects that precede shipments. Our specialists take into account the peculiarities of different dredging machines, operation conditions, particle size and chemical composition of slurry, and other factors influencing the choice of hose types for slurry, its construction characteristics, and even the chemical composition of the rubber. Thus, the customer gets a high-tech product that meets their needs in all regards.

A fabric-reinforced rubber hose (fabric-reinforced rubber slurry hose) is to transport different kinds of slurry. This type of hose ensures the uninterrupted operation of a transportation line, eliminates friction loss, and allowed for easy installation and prolonged use in combination with other domestic and non-domestic equipment. 

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