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COMPOSIT LLC - Russia's largest rubber hoses manufacturer for mining and dredging
Composit LLC has been operating since 1992. Composit’s main profile is research, development, and manufacturing of wear-resistant rubber hoses.

The company’s history began with the production of tracks for snowmobiles and equipment, then, the production assortment started to expand.

These days, hoses and other products are successfully used in dredging operations and the mining industry.

Composit LLC has an in-house laboratory and facilities for rubber mixture production, incoming material control, and patented scientific developments, which guarantee the reliability and quality of hoses.

The company’s flexibility, knowledge, continuous learning, the expertise of highly qualified professionals as well as close attention to customers’ needs allow us to expand and upgrade the product range, maintain leading positions on the market, and conquer new markets.

Composit LLC creates high-quality products developed by the best experts in the industry.
  • – №1 in Russia and CIS countries
  • – 1000 professionals
  • – 9999 loyal customers
  • – 30 years of successful operation
  • – 500,000 meters of hoses
  • – 50,000,000 km² coverage
Delivery World shipping
The delivery of products is carried out:
By the road
Aircraft transport
Train transport
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how we are working
.01 - We design our products
The best solutions, based on an individual approach. Our project construction specialists aim to meet the client’s desire for a project that satisfies all of the client’s wishes and requirements.
.02 - We produce our products
High-class products can be manufactured very quickly thanks to modern high-tech equipment and a series of tests at every stage in production. This prevents human error from interfering with production quality.
.03 - We exploit our products
Maximum useful life is ensured by using high-tech materials, modern technology and personal inspection by the manufacturer from the moment the products are made.
.04 - We innovate our products
Analysis of production processes and client requirements help us be creative and produce ever-better items.