Hoses can be used at a temperature range of -50°C to +80°C. The work pressure of equipment is 2 Mpa.

Wear-resistant hoses for mineral extraction and processing factories as well as the coal and ore treating industry for pneumatic and hydraulic delivery of abrasive materials at different process stages.

Due to the extended product life, it is perfect for long-term projects.

Equipment includes:


- fabric-reinforced rubber hoses and rubber-lined steel hoses;
- inserts;
- taps;
- non-standard rubberized items.
Technological solutions
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The equipment ensures the uninterrupted and effortless operation of the transportation line with minimal friction losses. Hoses are characterized by a simple assembly and convenient use even in confined spaces. 

Wear-resistant hoses are manufactured under the following characteristics:

– operation conditions

– equipment use

– slurry composition and other factors.

Those features affect the construction characteristics and the composition of rubber used for manufacturing equipment parts. As a result, hoses show remarkable productivity and excellent performance.