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Floating hose (RPF)

Submersible pump
Cutter suction dredger
Description - +

This hose is an excellent, cost-effective solution suitable for projects on rivers, mines, and lakes. It consists of a hose and plastic floats which provide the buoyancy of the hose. The float is made of firm plastic and has two or three parts depending on the diameter. The circle shape allows using the hose for tasks with the mechanical impact, such as slight waves. The floats ensure 5% of the entire hose’s buoyancy, considering its total transferring capacity.

Specifications - +
Working pressure
Up to 1,0 MPa
Testing pressure
Up to 1,5 MPa
Bursting pressure
Up to 3,0 MPa

The warranty period of storage and operation is according to the technical specifications of the manufacturer.

The Supplier guarantees the reliability of the supplied Goods within the terms specified in the quality certificate, subject to the rules of transportation, storage and operation.

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Dredging Floating hose (RPF)
Submersible pump
Cutter suction dredger
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