Rubber tracks for construction machinery of Composit Industrial

Rubber tracks for construction machinery of Composit Industrial

For owners of road construction equipment, the efficiency and reliability of work, provided with high-quality spare parts and consumables, is important.
Our customers receive high-quality ptoducts developed by the best experts in the industry.

Construction machinery equipped with rubber tracks is versatile:

1. It is safe to operate on any surface. Rubber tracks do not damage the road surface, compared to steel tracks. This is why such tracks can be used not only in off-road conditions, but also on pavements and even lawns.

2. It can be used during night time. Rubber tracks do not generate excessive noise when operated, which is what allows them to be used during night time, without worrying about being fined for noise nuisance.

3. It reduces equipment’s workload. Using rubber tracks decreases the vibration, which can be damaging to the operator and equipment.

4. It is cost effective. Installation of rubber tracks is much easier and cheaper compared to steel tracks. Moreover using rubber tracks reduces fuel consumption.

5. It is humidity resistant. Since the rubber itself is not affected by corrosion, it is perfect for use in humid or rainy conditions.

At the moment, Composite Industrial provides rubber tracks for construction machinery in the following models: 180C, 230C, 300C, 400C, 700.
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