Composit at Konya Agriculture 2023

Composit at Konya Agriculture 2023

Composit at Konya Agriculture 2023

Konya Agriculture is Turkey’s largest exhibition for agricultural machinery, agricultural mechanization and field technologies.

Konya has been an important center of trade throughout history due to its geographical location. The city is located in the center of the country, and is connected by a transport network with other cities that are located in different parts of Turkey.

Every year, more than 400 exhibitors and more than 300 thousand visitors meet at the Konya exhibition.

At the exhibition, delegates from Composit presented a track “PD762 A” for agricultural machinery with a specially designed tread pattern that ensures optimal spin level even in conditions of waterlogged soils. A team of professionals worked on the development of the tracks, ensuring a balance of quality, reliability and price of the product.

Composit thanks the organizers for the opportunity to meet with the leaders of international companies, exchange experience and communicate with industry professionals.

We look forward to see you soon!