Dredging works are regularly carrying out in the Volga-Caspian Channel in order to provide the fairway. But dredging works in the Volga-Caspian Channel are important not only for navigation development and providing of sailing safety. The channel is a unique object that is the key element of ports Olja and Astrakhan‘s infrastructure. State of the channel has an impact on appeal and freight turnover, realization time of the shelf projects in Caspian Sea, because large-sized objects that are built at the Astrakhan shipyard are withdrawn through this channel. Navigation at this channel is carried out in difficult hydrometeorological conditions, caused by changing of depths after wind surging and flood phenomena, that is why dredging works are carried out here annually. Composit floating hoses have been used during several navigation seasons in order to achieve maximum results of these works. Composit delivered a set of floating hoses for carrying out dredging works in the Astrakhan region in January 2019.