Composit Tracks for Quadtrac equipment

Composit Tracks for Quadtrac equipment

At the beginning of February, on the basis of SZAO “SKVO”, together with CNH specialists, Composit tracks were installed on Quadtrac equipment. SZAO “SKVO” keeps up with the times, is actively developing, and in connection with this, it reacted positively to the provision of equipment for testing a new product of Composit tracks PD 762A.

Composit LLC is the only Russian manufacturer of tracks for domestic and foreign-made snowmobiles. Thanks to the professionalism and many years of experience of our specialists, we have developed an innovative solution for our customers – tracks for agricultural machinery. Today we are the first manufacturer of these products in the Russian Federation.

At the moment, together with CNH, work has begun on testing Composit tracks on CASE vehicles. CNH was one of the first to be concerned about the issue of import substitution and providing its customers with spare parts for agricultural machinery.

After installing the first sets of Composit tracks, the CNH staff noted an important advantage of this product, namely the ease of installation.
Not least, it takes only 4 hours to completely replace a set of Composit tracks on a tractor.

One of the tractors managed to work on chiselling the soil, which is a rather difficult job for the equipment, and the Composit tracks showed excellent results.