Composit presents the goods at URiM 2024

The Composit team participates in the URiM 2024 («Coal of Russia and Mining»). It is the XXXII International Specialized Exhibition of Mining Technologies which takes place 4-7 June in Novokuznetsk.

Composit presents the products for mining: a flexible hose, a rubber bend, a polyurethane-lined steel pipe, a pinch valve and a knife gate valve.

We are grateful to the organizers for a possibility to participate in an international exhibition and we thank our clients and guests for collaboration and an interest in our products!

Composit at KOMATEK 2024

The Composit team participates in the KOMATEK 2024. It is the International Construction Machinery, Technology and Equipment Trade Exhibition.

Composit presents the solid tire, an innovative non-marking solid tire and the tracks for construction (models 230C and 400C).

We are grateful to the organizers for a possibility to participate in an international exhibition and we thank our clients and guests for collaboration and an interest in our goods!

Composit presents the goods at CTT EXPO 2024

The Composit team participates in the CTT EXPO 2024 exhibition which takes place on May 28-31 in Moscow. It is the International Trade Fair for Construction Equipment and Technologies.

Composit presents the tracks for contruction (180C, 230C, 300C, 400C), solid tires and non-marking solid tires.

We look forward to seeing you at our stand!

Meeting point: Crocus Expo, pavilion 2, hall 7, stand 430.


Composit hoses in «R-fleet» project

Composit hoses are successfully used in a project of a shipbuilding complex «R-fleet».

Recently in Oksky village (Nizhny Novgorod region) a dredger of project 2040 was put afloat. The shipbuilding is supported by the state program «Development of transport system» and the federal investment project «Program of preferential leasing of civil ships of water transport».

The new multifunctional dredger is made for the development of soils, dredging, construction of bridges and other works on the shore and in the coastal area. Later it will operate in Samara region.

We thank our colleagues for our significant cooperation!

KOMATEK 2024 — the meeting point for the construction machinery industry

We are pleased to invite you to the 17th International Construction Machinery, Technology and Equipment Trade Exhibition — KOMATEK 2024. It is the meeting point for the construction machinery industry, which will be held from May 29 to June 1 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Composit will present the solid tire and an innovative non-marking solid tire. Besides, the tracks for construction (models 230C and 400C) will be presented at the exhibition.

See you at KOMATEK 2024 exhibition! Our meeting point: IFM Exhibition Center Yeşilköy Mah. Atatürk Cad. No: 5/5, Bakırköy, 34149 , TÜRKİYE Hall 7, Stand 7210.

Composit goods are successfully used in difficult conditions

Composit goods can be used in severe operating conditions. In the photo you can see a rubber-lined steel bend, a rubber-lined steel T-section and a rubber-lined steel reducer. They are currently used in a foreign factory where the work is carried out in a difficult section.  For this reason,  it is essential to choose only wear-resistant goods.

Composit creates products that meet all the modern requirements and can be used in severe operating conditions. High-quality goods will provide a continuous work of your company!

Composit presented the goods at Mining Turkey 2024

The Composit team participated in the Mining Turkey exhibition which took place on May 2-5 in Istanbul. It is the 11th International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipment and Heavy Duty Vehicles Fair.

Composit presented the goods for mining: a flexible hose, a self-floating hose, a pinch pipe, a rubber bend, a solid tyre, a non-marking solid tyre, a knife gate valve and a pinch valve.

We are grateful to the organizers for a possibility to participate in an international exhibition and we thank our clients and guests for collaboration and an interest in our goods!

Composit tracks for construction equipment are used by AZARRUS

Composit tracks for construction equipment are successfully used on AZARRUS machinery: the robots for assembly and demolition works. The tracks 180C and 230C are suitable for this kind of equipment.

Composit tracks for construction are ready to be used in difficult conditions and are applicable to a huge work volume. A special wear-resistant rubber compound provides strength and protects from cuts.

Composit thanks for your trust and cooperation!

Composit tracks were succesfully tested in the Khibiny

The new Composit tracks — Букс SWT and Букс SWT long — are considered the flagships in the world of tugs. They are specifically created for crossing a moving terrain and difficult obstructions. Recently these tracks were successfully tested in the Khibiny.

In the photos you can see the Tofalar`s production using the Composit tracks: the snowmobiles Atlas 500, Atlas 800 and a new tug — Tundra 600.

They reached the Northern Rischorr Pass (920 m) and the Takhtarvumchorr ridge (1140 m). By the way, that was the first time a tug surmounted such a height!

Conquer the mountain peaks with Composit!

Composit took part in Mining World Russia 2024

The Composit team participated in the Mining World Russia exhibition, which took place on April 23-25 in Moscow. This event is the 28th International exhibition of machines and equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals.

Composit presented the goods for mining: flexible hoses, rubber-lined steel products, pinch and knife gate valves, polyurethane lined steel pipes and products made of polyurethane .

Composit presented the goods at «TIRES AND RUBBER» exhibition

The Composit team participated in the «TIRES AND RUBBER» exhibition which took place on April 15-18 in Moscow. It is the 26th International trade show for equipment and technologies for production of rubber goods, tires, tire retreading and recycling.

Composit presented its solid tyres, the trackk 300C for construction equipment and a its innovation – a non-marking solid tyre.

We thank the exhibition organizers for the warm welcome!


Non-marking tires Composit are an effective solution for the food and pharmaceutical industries, where the cleanliness of production and warehouse areas is of high importance.
Special rubber compound of these tires don’t leave dark marks on surfaces during sudden starts, stops or turns.

It helps maintain clean premises and comply with strict regulations in industries that require special hygiene and production safety.

Non-marking solid tires Composit are a reliable choice for such enterprises!

Composit visited partners in India

From the 27th of February until the 9th of March, a team from Composit comprising engineers and sales representatives visited several clients in India in conjunction with our official distributor.

The main aim of this visit was to understand and identify existing problems faced by the clients, and propose robust solutions to streamline their workflow processes, increase effectiveness, and enhance efficiency, ultimately leading to higher profitability for the clients.

We extend our gratitude to our clients for the opportunity provided and eagerly anticipate further cooperation.

Please feel free to contact Composit for tailored solutions and assistance with slurry transportation issues.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear partners!

We sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May the coming year bring many joyful moments, fulfillment of desires and prosperity in all areas of your life!

We thank you for your trust and sincerely hope that our partnership will be even stronger in the coming 2024!

Best wishes,

Non-marking solid tires Composit

Non-marking solid tires Composit are suitable for the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industries, where the cleanliness of production and warehouse premises is of high importance.
Thanks to a special rubber compound, these seats do not leave dark investigators standing on the surface during sudden starts, stops or turns.
This helps maintain clean premises and adhere to strict regulations in industries that require special hygiene and production safety.
Composit is a reliable choice for such enterprises.

Composit Visits Handling Expo 2023

Composit recently attended the Handling Expo 2023. The event, which took place from 30.11-3.12 2024, showcased the latest advancements and innovations in the handling and logistics industry.

Additionally, Composit took advantage of the expo to network with other industry leaders, attending insightful seminars and presentations. These interactions allowed the company to gain valuable insights into the latest market trends and developments, further enhancing its position as an industry frontrunner.

The Handling Expo 2023 was a remarkable success for Composit, as it reinforced the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence within the logistics and material handling field. With the connections made and knowledge gained at the event, Composite is poised to continue delivering high-quality solutions to its clients, driving advancements in the industry.

The Adana Agricultural 2023

The Adana Agricultural exhibition is one of the most prestigious and major events in the Turkish agricultural industry. Leading manufacturers, suppliers and consumers gather here to exchange experiences and present their innovative products and services.
And the Composit team could not miss this event. Employees of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations visited the exhibition.
A large number of agricultural machinery and equipment were presented at the exhibition.
Delegates of our company talked, held negotiations with new clients about further cooperation, and met with our partners.
We thank the organizers for the reception!

“YugAgro 2023 is the largest international exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment!”

We are pleased to invite you to the main agricultural event of this year - the YugAgro 2023 exhibition. This is the largest agricultural event, which will be held from November 21 to 24 in Krasnodar, Russia.
At the YugAgro exhibition they present the latest achievements in the field of agriculture, mechanization and agricultural technologies. This is an excellent opportunity for business contacts, exchange of experience and cooperation with key players in the agricultural industry.

Composit presents tracks for agricultural machinery at the exhibition. A team of professionals works on the creation of tracks, ensuring a balance of quality, reliability and prices of the final product.
See you at the YugAgro 2023 exhibition, Expograd Yug Exhibition Complex, C111, pavilion 3.

Composit solid tire for your forklifts

Composit’s solid tires are the result of innovative technologies and the highest global production standards. They boast unparalleled characteristics, including high strength, durability, and flexibility, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride on all types of road surfaces.

Made from a special composite material, Composit’s solid tires offer increased resistance to punctures and cuts, significantly extending their lifespan. With their unique design and advanced developments, these tires effectively handle various climate conditions and diverse road surfaces.

Our products have already earned recognition and trust from many customers worldwide. Composit’s solid tires have been successfully supplied to a large number of countries, and we take pride in knowing that our products are being used in diverse climates and geographical locations.

We are constantly striving for innovation and progress in order to meet the needs of our customers and offer them the most cutting-edge solutions in tire technology. With Composit’s solid tires, you receive the highest quality and reliability, guaranteed to elevate your driving experience to a new level.


From November 21 to 24, the largest agricultural event took place in Krasnodar - the YugAgro 2023 exhibition!

A large number of agricultural machinery and spare parts for them were presented at the exhibition. It’s nice that tracked agricultural machinery finds a great response among farms and their owners every season.

Our delegates presented their own track for Positive Drive. Composit became the first manufacturer of Positive Drive tracks in Russia. It will go on sale very soon!

We thank our partners for their participation!


The Composit delegation visited the CEMAT 2023 exhibition, which took place on September 19-21 in Moscow.

Solid tires for forklifts and construction tracks for special equipment were presented at the stand, which aroused great interest among visitors.

Composit actively develops research and innovation to offer its customers the most advanced technologies and materials.

Semat 2023 is an excellent platform for Composit to showcase its products and establish new partnerships.

Participation in exhibitions of this scale allows the company to maintain its reputation and recognition in the construction and warehouse sectors.


Composit supplied pipelines to Project 4395 dredgers with a replaceable set of loosening devices (hydraulic and milling), designed for the development of sandy, silty and sandy-gravel soils using the scow-refill method, dredging in water areas and shipping routes, reclamation of dams, with the possibility of discharging soil into scows , as well as via a floating slurry pipeline up to 500 m long.

Composit на Construction Indonesia

Composit принял участие в выставке Construction Indonesia, которая прошла 13-16 сентября 2023 года, в Джакарте, Индонезия.

Construction Indonesia – это крупная выставка в Индонезии, посвященная строительству, строительным материалам, технологиям и оборудованию. На этой выставке компании из разных стран представили свои продукты и услуги, провели обмен опытом и знаниями, а также получили новые деловые контакты.

Composit представил свои изделия индонезийскому рынку и установил партнерские отношения с местными компаниями и представителями отрасли.

Такие мероприятия способствуют привлечению новых клиентов и продвижению своих продуктов на мировом рынке!

Благодарим партнеров за участие!

Composit at Construction Indonesia

Composit participated in the Construction Indonesia exhibition which was held from 13-16 September 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Construction Indonesia is a major exhibition in Indonesia dedicated to construction, building materials, technologies and equipment. At this exhibition, companies from different countries presented their products and services, exchanged experience and knowledge, and established new business contacts.

Composit introduced its products to the Indonesian market and established partnerships with industry and provincial representatives.

Such events are designed to attract new customers and promote their products on the world market!

We thank our partners for their participation!

Composit at Mining and Metals Central Asia

The Composit team took part in the Mining and Metals Central Asia exhibition, which took place on September 20-22 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The event brought together leading companies and experts in the mining and metallurgical industries.

Composit presented at the exhibition its innovative solutions and products that are designed to improve the efficiency and safety of work in the mining and construction industries.

Every year, the Mining and Metals Central Asia exhibition provides a unique platform for leading manufacturers, suppliers and consumers in the mining and metals industry, where they have the opportunity to exchange experiences, establish new ones and discuss the latest trends in the mining industry.

We thank the exhibition organizers for the warm welcome!

Composit invites you to Neva 2023

Composit invites you to visit the international exhibition “Neva 2023”. This is one of the most significant events in the maritime industry, where the latest technologies and innovations are presented.

At the exhibition you will be able to see our range of products for dredging, including a self-floating pipeline, floating hose (SPF and UPF floats), a lens expansion joint and a rubber-lined steel T-section.

We take pride in our high quality products that are strong, durable and perform well. Our specialists will be happy to advise you about our latest technologies and capabilities, as well as answer any questions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our stand at the Neva 2023 exhibition, which will be held in St. Petersburg from September 18 to 21. We will be waiting for you in Pavilion H, stand H3224

Composit at Moscow Business School

From September 4-7, the Composit delegation went to Moscow to study under the program “Bringing a new product to the market: from idea to result” from the Moscow Business School.
Delegates within the program studied technologies for developing and launching a new product on the market, developed a concept and action plan for promoting a new product, studied the basic methods of generating ideas for new products in the form of a prototype or script, learned forms and methods for monitoring and evaluating programs for launching new products on the market. markets, learned to select the most fruitful ideas, learned about modern approaches to creating products, learned and tried in practice techniques for researching consumer experience.

Composit supports and values employees’ desire for professional development and provides opportunities to learn and improve their skills!
We thank the Moscow Business School for the material provided!

Composit in Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State University for Geological Prospecting

As part of the training “Mining. Advanced technologies used in the exploration, extraction and processing of solid minerals”, employees of the design department and sales department of Composit visited the Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State University for Geological Prospecting.

An excursion and a face-to-face lesson with a demonstration of equipment and a description of mineral enrichment cycles were held for them.

The training program made it possible to better understand:

technologies for the enrichment of gold-bearing ores and sands ,

the basics of ore processing technology , hydraulic structures ,

mining and geological information systems.

Professional development is an opportunity to improve your skills, knowledge and efficiency at work.

Composit in Azerbaijan!

The Composit team recently paid a technical visit to Azerbaijan. The purpose of this visit was to explore potential opportunities for cooperation and to examine the application of innovative Composit solutions in quarries.
Composit presented its advanced products and developments that are used in the field of hydromechanization.
These highly efficient solutions provide excellent durability and corrosion resistance, which significantly increases the efficiency and durability of products for hydromechanization.
Recall that the Composit company is not only a manufacturer, but also a scientific and production association and has great opportunities to contribute to the continuous development and improvement of products for hydromechanization through the use of its own innovative technologies and solutions.
We thank our partners for the warm welcome!

Composit in Mongolia!

The Composit team presented its products in Mongolia.

We strive to be a reliable and innovative partner for Mongolian companies in their construction and infrastructure projects. We are pleased to contribute to the development of the Mongolian economy by providing high-quality and advanced solutions.

With the unique features and benefits of our products, we are confident that Composit will be able to become an important player in the mongolian market and contribute to the development of industries such as agriculture, construction, mining and hydromechanics.

We look forward to further fruitful cooperation!

Composit invites you to Mining and Metals Central Asia 2023

Composit will take part in the Mining and Metals Central Asia exhibition, which will be held September 20-22 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and present its innovative solutions and products in the mining, construction and agricultural industries.

This exhibition is one of the most significant events in the mining and metallurgical industry, bringing together leading industry experts from all over the world. Here you will see the latest innovative technologies, equipment and products from leading international and domestic companies.

We will be happy to share our achievements, expertise and discuss possible mutually beneficial partnerships and cooperation.

See you at booth №10-91!

Composit invites you to CEMAT 2023

Composit invites you to visit the CEMAT 2023 exhibition, which will be held September 19-21, Crocus Expo IEC, pavilion 1.
CEMAT 2023 will present advanced technologies, projects and products from various areas of logistics activities, such as warehousing, handling equipment, warehouse robotization, containers and packaging, engineering systems and much more.
Composit will present solid tires for forklift trucks and track chains for special equipment.
Visit our booth at CEMAT 2023 to learn more about our products that are specifically designed for warehouse equipment and to establish business contacts and discuss possible collaborations.

We will be waiting for you at our booth C103!


The Composit delegation went on a business visit to Turkey! As part of this trip, our representatives will take part in business meetings and negotiations with our partners.

We value our cooperation and strive to strengthen our cooperation with other companies. The Composit team presents our products and exchanges experience and knowledge with our Turkish partners.

Last week, our delegation visited mining and processing enterprise, where our products have already been purchased.

Another object to visit was company, which is engaged in the extraction of quartz sand and the production of glass products.

Meetings with Turkish companies are also planned for next week.

We wish our delegation a successful business trip!

Composit at all-Russian field day 2023

The Composit team actively participates in exhibitions, presentations and demonstrations of products and services. And this time was no exception.
The company’s delegates went to the All-Russian Field Day, where every year you can meet a huge number of unique novelties for agriculture.
This event brought together representatives of agricultural enterprises, farms, manufacturers of machinery and equipment, agricultural producers and other industry participants.
In general, the All-Russian Field Day provides an excellent opportunity to establish new business ties, attract new customers and partners, as well as to explore new products and solutions that may be useful for your agribusiness.
We thank our partners for their cooperation!

Composit in Transbaikalia!

The team of Composit LLC conducted field supervision of the supplied products at the Udokan Mining and Processing Plant.

They also discussed the prospects for further cooperation in the supply of products by Composit LLC.

We thank our partners for the warm welcome!

Composit Role in the Egypt Mining Forum – Innovations and Partnerships

The “Composit” company took part in the Egypt Mining Forum, which was held on July 18-19 in Cairo. This exhibition is the leading platform for the presentation of innovative products, services and solutions in the field of mining in Egypt.

The participants of this event actively attend round tables to discuss mining activities in Egypt and beyond, contribute to the development of new deposits and introduce their developments into the operation of existing ones.

Attending events of high level allows companies to expand the geography of deliveries, establish partnerships and increase their awareness in the mining industry market.

We thank partners and organizers for the warm welcome!

Composit at the All-Russian Industrial Tourism Forum

Fourth of July, the annual forum of industrial tourism was held – at one of the leading Russian iron ore production enterprises – Mikhailovsky GOK named after. A. V. Varichev of the company “Metalloinvest”.

The event put representatives of regional and federal authorities together, various public organizations, as well as large enterprises.

Delegates of Composit also took part in the forum. They visited the museum of the history of Mikhailovsky GOK and the famous quarry, talked with colleagues, learned about various projects and opportunities related to the development of industrial tourism in Russia.

We thank the organizers for holding such a meaningful and informative event, as well as for an interesting experience.


Executive director Sergey Degtyarev and governor of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit signed a protocol to the agreement for 2023.

Composit is the only manufacturer in the Russian Federation, which produce a lot of products, that are not inferior to imported analogues.

A number of such developments include floating hoses, tracks for agricultural and special equipment, solid tires for forklifts with specially developed rubber compounds.

The document provides for bilateral partnerships to ensure stable development between Composit LLC and Kursk region.


XXII Interregional Wholesale and Retail Kursk Korenskaya Fair 2023 was held in the 15-18 of June.

Composit delegates presented products for the agricultural sector – caterpillars for agricultural machinery, which perfectly replace their foreign counterparts.

Solid tires for forklifts were demonstrated at the booth, which proved to be excellent at cargo enterprises and other organizations of the Kursk region.

We thank the organizers for the warm welcome!

Composit at XXII Interregional Universal Kursk Korenskaya Fair

Composit invites you to visit the XXII Interregional Universal Kursk Korenskaya Fair 2023!

Kursk Korenskaya fair is held in the town of Svoboda from the year 1618, in the XVIII-XX centuries it was among three largest trade fairs in Russia and served as an important point of European foreign trade.

Composit presents products for the agricultural sector – caterpallars for agricultural machinery, which perfectly replace their competitors.

Also at the stand there are caterpillars for construction equipment.

See you at the exhibition!


Composit invites you to “Golden field 2023”

Composit will take part in the exhibition-fair “GOLDEN FIELD 2023”, which will be held in Ust-Labinsk, Krasnodar Region, May 23-26

More than 400 participants will place their stands on 100 thousand square meters and will be waiting for visitors and partners for negotiations and individual displays of equipment.

Composit will present such product lines as solid tires for forklifts, tracks for construction machinery, as well as tracks for agricultural machinery. Today we are the first manufacturer of such tracks in the Russian Federation.

We will be waiting for you at our stand: Block 32 place 37.

Composit took part in the MWR 2023

An ambitious international exhibition of machinery and equipment for the mining and mining industry in Russia was held in Moscow from April 25 to 27.

Within three days, the event was attended by 8299 people and 368 companies presented their products, which is 2 times more than in 2022. At the same time, more than 100 companies participated in MiningWorld Russia for the first time. The mining industry is gaining momentum and expanding horizons for new partners.

Composit presented their already proven products – flexible coupling pipelines, gummed products, hose and knife gate valves, as well as a relatively new direction – pipelines lined with polyurethane.

We thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate in the exhibition. See you soon!


Composit invites you to the international mining industry exhibition Mining World Russia 2023, which will be held in Moscow on April 25-27.

MiningWorld Russia 2023 is one of the largest international exhibition of machinery and equipment for the mining and mining industry in Russia in terms of participants and visitors.

The exhibition will feature presentations and business events from managers and specialists of mining enterprises, mining and processing plants and exploration companies.

Composit will present at the exhibition its products for the mining and processing complex – flexible coupling pipelines, gummed products, hose and knife gate valves, as well as pipelines lined with polyurethane.

Our team will be waiting for you at Crocus Expo IEC Pavilion No. 1, Hall No. 3, stand C2051.

Composit in India

Composit delegates took part in a business mission organized by the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which took place in New Delhi.

The program of the event was full of business trips to technology and IT parks, as well as communication with the heads of the Indian and Russian chambers of commerce and industry.

Our team held several B2B meetings, where plans for further cooperation were outlined.

In addition, Composit representatives conducted training with a distributor in India – Millenium Group, spoke about the advantages and features of Composit products and discussed cooperation within the current year.

This week, technical visits are planned to the mining and processing complex to attract them for cooperation and agreement on future relationship.


Dear partners!

From April 24-27, 2023, the 25th anniversary international exhibition of rubber products, tires, technologies for their production, raw materials and equipment will be held in Moscow.

“Tyres, rubber products and rubber 2023” is one of the most important events in Russia in the field of development of rubber products and technologies. Participation in this event provides huge opportunities to attract new customers, find reliable partners, and also allows participants to learn about new and relevant technologies in the field of rubber products.

Composit will present new products – different size range of solid tyres for forklifts,, as well as samples of rubbers that are used at the enterprise to create unique products.

We will be glad to see you at Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion FA 040!


On March 22-24, 2023, the conference “Mining Industry of Russia and the CIS: construction and modernization” was held in Chelyabinsk.

Composit team presented knife gate valves and pinch valves used at mining and processing plants, as well as new products – pipelines with polyurethane lining. Own manufacturing technologies are the main advantage of Composit products.

A team of professionals worked on the creation of these products, ensuring a balance of quality, reliability and price of the final product. During the conference, the existing partners exchanged experiences, got acquainted with new participants, and also outlined plans for future communications.

Composit expresses its gratitude to the organizers and participants of the conference and hopes for further fruitful cooperation.

Composit at Konya Agriculture 2023

Composit at Konya Agriculture 2023

Konya Agriculture is Turkey’s largest exhibition for agricultural machinery, agricultural mechanization and field technologies.

Konya has been an important center of trade throughout history due to its geographical location. The city is located in the center of the country, and is connected by a transport network with other cities that are located in different parts of Turkey.

Every year, more than 400 exhibitors and more than 300 thousand visitors meet at the Konya exhibition.

At the exhibition, delegates from Composit presented a track “PD762 A” for agricultural machinery with a specially designed tread pattern that ensures optimal spin level even in conditions of waterlogged soils. A team of professionals worked on the development of the tracks, ensuring a balance of quality, reliability and price of the product.

Composit thanks the organizers for the opportunity to meet with the leaders of international companies, exchange experience and communicate with industry professionals.

We look forward to see you soon!


Composit will participate in the professional conference and technical visit “Mining of Russia and CIS: construction and modernization”, which will be held in Chelyabinsk, March 22-24, 2023.

This year, the conference will feature reports and technological presentations from key companies in the industry, a round table for the exchange of experience will be organized, more than 200 participants and about 50 investors are expected at the venue.

Composit will present knife gate valves and Pinch valves that perform the function of shut-off pipe fittings at mining and processing plants.

In addition, Composit will showcase a new product line — polyurethane pipelines. The main advantage of Composit polyurethane pipelines is its own technology of manufacturing polyurethane with increased strength, resistance to abrasion, stress wear, as well as resistance to ozone and UV exposure.

Also, due to the smooth surface of polyurethane, less energy is required to pump the pulp, and accordingly the load on the pumps is reduced by 20% in similar operating conditions.

We will be glad to see you at our booth!

Composit congratulates on the International Women’s Day!

Composit congratulates all women on the most beautiful spring holiday the 8th of March!

We sincerely wish you good health, positive emotions, happiness and kindness, good luck and new achievements!

May every day of your life be full of peace and prosperity!

Dear customers and partners, we remind you that 03/08/2023 is a day off at Composit LLC. All your applications will be processed on 03/09/2023.

Thanks for your understanding and have a great weekend!

Composit invites you to Konya Agriculture 2023

The 19th International Trade Fair for Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technology will be held March 14-18, 2023 in Konya, Turkey.

The main purpose of the fair will be to present the latest technologies in the agricultural sector. Konya is an agricultural center and a city where traditional food production is very high, which adds to the importance of the fair.

This exhibition covers such agricultural areas as:

  • Agricultural machinery and technologies;
  • Agricultural mechanization;
  • Services for agriculture
  • Other agricultural machinery and services

Composit will exhibit a track for mini-excavators and special equipment based on track tires, as well as a track for agricultural equipment on track systems designed for operation in conditions of high continuous loads.

Our employees will be waiting for anyone interested in partnership in the field of agriculture at the Tüyap Congress Center, booth 203 C.

See you!

Composit participated in the international congress “Port News 2023”

Composit participated in the VI International Congress “Hydraulic Structures and Dredging”, which took place on February 15-16, 2023.

More than 400 delegates met at the congress: suppliers of high-tech equipment, components, design and engineering organizations, industry- specific universities, as well as the large customers and successful contractors of hydraulic engineering, dredging and underwater technical works.

Composit team prepared a report on a new type of float design for a wear-resistant pipeline.

The main advantages of this float are presented with the absence of bolted connections, which reduce the number of components, installation time during assembly and movement. The SPF float increases buoyancy of the pipeline, allowing our customers to work with heavier transported materials.

The release of the new type of floats is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.

We thank our partners and visitors for their participation!

COMPOSIT team in the North of Caucasus

As part of expansion of the supply geography, delegates from Composit LLC, visited North Caucasus.

For 2 weeks, the team from Composit visited more than 25 companies in 4 regions in the Russian Federation: The Republic of Dagestan, The Chechen Republic, The Republic of North Ossetia and Stavropol.
Within the framework of this trip, the supply and installation of a wear-resistant hose for pumping hydraulic abrasive mixture was organized, authorized supervision was carried out and an agreement was made with existing partners on future deliveries and further cooperation.

We appreciate the warm welcome from our partners!

Composit Tracks for Quadtrac equipment

At the beginning of February, on the basis of SZAO “SKVO”, together with CNH specialists, Composit tracks were installed on Quadtrac equipment. SZAO “SKVO” keeps up with the times, is actively developing, and in connection with this, it reacted positively to the provision of equipment for testing a new product of Composit tracks PD 762A.

Composit LLC is the only Russian manufacturer of tracks for domestic and foreign-made snowmobiles. Thanks to the professionalism and many years of experience of our specialists, we have developed an innovative solution for our customers – tracks for agricultural machinery. Today we are the first manufacturer of these products in the Russian Federation.

At the moment, together with CNH, work has begun on testing Composit tracks on CASE vehicles. CNH was one of the first to be concerned about the issue of import substitution and providing its customers with spare parts for agricultural machinery.

After installing the first sets of Composit tracks, the CNH staff noted an important advantage of this product, namely the ease of installation.
Not least, it takes only 4 hours to completely replace a set of Composit tracks on a tractor.

One of the tractors managed to work on chiselling the soil, which is a rather difficult job for the equipment, and the Composit tracks showed excellent results.


We thank all employees for their loyalty to the Company, effective work aimed at achieving global goals, as well as for their caring, creative attitude to business.

Thanks to our partners who choose quality products — choose us!.Partnership and mutual respect are the main principles that we adhere to when building relationships. It is only thanks to a cohesive team and professional work that we manage to stay at the forefront, introduce new practical solutions to the market and meet the highest requirements.

We wish you all good luck, success, energy for new achievements and professional longevity!


In January 2023, the Composit team visited Mongolia.

As part of this trip, together with our distributor in Mongolia, we carried out negotiation on the technical and commercial issues of the new tender.
Also, one of the main goals of the visit is to measure the routes of the pipelines of the abrasive mixture transportation systems at at a plant in Mongolia.

The team took all the measurements using the new TRIMBLE X7 terrestrial laser scanner.
Trimble X7 is a modern compact laser scanner – a universal solution for a wide range of tasks in the field of civil and industrial construction, point cloud information modeling, measurement of premises, filming of industrial and infrastructure facilities.
Its effectiveness is as follows:
– Innovative technologies for reliable data collection.
– New Trimble X-Drive system for automatic calibration: high accuracy without additional calibration time. After turning on for 30 seconds, the scanner itself calibrates, makes the necessary corrections to the angular, linear blocks and rangefinder.
– Unique Trimble Registration Assist for automatic registration, processing and reporting.
– Automatic self-leveling of the geodetic level of accuracy.

The new technique will allow the team to do their job more efficiently. Fruitful work and delivery of Composit products awaits ahead!


We invite everyone to visit the 6th International Congress Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging. Dates: 2023 February 15 – 2023 February 16.

The Congress will be held by Russia’s leading industry focused media group PortNews with the support of the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency (Rosmorrechflot), State Corporation “Rosatom” on 15-16 February 2023, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Moscow.

Major customers of dredging works, FSUE Rosmorport and FSUE Hydrographic Company, are traditional partners of the Congress and active participants of its business programme.

Every year, the event gathers over 400 in-person and online participants representing the major stakeholders of hydraulic engineering and dredging works. This year, the Congress combines the 10th International Forum of Dredging Companies and the 6th Technical Conference “Modern Solutions for Hydraulic Works”.

The Composit team will present a new solution that we offer in combination with a floating pipeline. Based on the operating experience and feedback from our customers, a fundamentally new design of the float was developed, which has no analogues on the market.

What will be its advantages and differences from the previous type of float:
1. complete absence of bolted connections. A section of pipeline will be placed at the bottom of the float. The upper part of the float will be fixed to the required size of the pipeline using a pin. Thus, no additional tools are required during installation;
2. reduction in the number of components, which will affect the cost of the order;
3. reduction of assembly time by 3 times;
4. simplification of logistics, the process of moving pipelines (especially important when in the northern latitudes the float freezes on the water, or in the southern latitudes it is covered with moss, etc. In such cases, it is impossible to unwind the float, you have to cut the bolts. With a new type of float, this problem disappears );
5. versatility of a new type of float, that is, 1 float will fit several pipeline diameters (for example, from 200 to 245). In this regard, the production time will be reduced, since when changing the diameter of the pipeline, we will not need to change the mold to make a new float;
6. increased buoyancy of the pipeline. It is at least 10%, provided that it is completely filled with soil masses. Can work on heavier ground;
7. the new float has 2 cable channels, as one cable channel was not always enough for customers.

We will be glad to welcome you to the forum!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our company would like to thank you for effective cooperation and wish all your team a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

May this holiday season brighten you up with happiness, joy and good cheer!

We’d like to remind you that our company will be on vacation from 31.12.2022 to 10.01.2023.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday!

Composit team visited Mining Turkey Fair 2022

Mining Turkey, the largest Eurasian mining exhibition, opened its doors on December 15 – 18, 2022. The event was held for the 10th time, attracting more and more visitors and exhibitors every year.

Why should we visit the exhibition:
– the most comprehensive exhibition organized for the mining industry in the Eurasian region;
– the opportunity to directly obtain the most modern machines and equipment for the mining industry;
– an opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to open international markets;
– an international commercial and marketing environment, which brings together leading companies from Turkey and around the world, where production capacities and capabilities, new services and technologies are demonstrated;
– creating new opportunities for cooperation with mining professionals from different regions;
– an opportunity to get acquainted with products that contribute to energy efficiency in the mining world.

We thank the organizers and participants, see you soon!

Composit invites you to Mining Turkey Fair 2022

Composit invites you to the 10th International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipments and Heavy Duty Vehicles Fair,  – 

Mining Turkey is a mining machines and equipment exhibition and one of the most comprehensive meeting points of the mining industry in Turkey.

Companies producing goods and services for the mining industry will find the opportunity to exhibit their goods and services directly to the professionals of the industry. Additionally professionals will discuss the new developments related to the sector and assess the future of the mining sector.

See you soon!

Composit team visited The Big 5 Show

Composit team has visited in the 43rd international building & construction exhibition – “The Big 5 Show” 2022.

Participants presented products, services and technologies for various sectors of the industry, covering the entire construction cycle. The exposition was complemented by a rich business program, including conferences, educational programs, master classes, etc.

The exhibition “The Big 5 Show” is:
— the largest exhibition of the construction industry in the region;
– about 3,000 exhibitors from over 80 countries, 40,000 sq. m area and 80,000 professional visitors;
— the widest range of products and services in the construction industry;
— Green Build Summit (NEW);
— more than 80 free practical seminars (NEW);
– Dozens of interactive live demos.

We thank the organizers and participants, see you soon!

Composit invites you to The Big 5 Show 2022

Composit invites you to the 43rd international building & construction exhibition – “The Big 5 Show” 2022.

The Big 5 Show exhibition has been held annually since 1982 with the support of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a number of industry media and major companies and construction associations.

The exhibition will feature the following main 5 sectors of The Big 5:
— engineering networks and services;
– interiors and decoration;
– building frames and special structures;
– building tools and building materials;
— construction technologies and innovations.

Composit will present construction tracks. The special rubber compound has increased wear resistance and provides protection against cuts, increasing the carcass’s lifespan and preventing corrosion of the metal piece. Available in a wide range of sizes.

See you at the exhibition!

Composit team visited YUGAGRO 2022

Composit team has visited Russia’s largest international agricultural trade show “YUGAGRO”, November 22-25, 2022.

YugAgro exhibitors come from over 25 countries have met Russia and Krasnodar’s key buyers. Visitors could reach over 640 companies from across the globe, including Claas, Rostselmash, KUHN, ROSAGROTRADE, Corteva Agriscience™, Syngenta, Bayer Crop Science, showcasing the latest crop farming solutions and technologies on the market.

YugAgro was split into four sectors, covering the entire value chain, from cultivation equipment to processing machinery to transportation and storage solutions. Visitors could easily find the products that interest them – and their manufacturers.

Composit thanks the organizers for the opportunity to participate in the agricultural trade show. See you soon!

Rubber tracks for construction machinery of Composit Industrial

For owners of road construction equipment, the efficiency and reliability of work, provided with high-quality spare parts and consumables, is important.
Our customers receive high-quality ptoducts developed by the best experts in the industry.

Construction machinery equipped with rubber tracks is versatile:

1. It is safe to operate on any surface. Rubber tracks do not damage the road surface, compared to steel tracks. This is why such tracks can be used not only in off-road conditions, but also on pavements and even lawns.

2. It can be used during night time. Rubber tracks do not generate excessive noise when operated, which is what allows them to be used during night time, without worrying about being fined for noise nuisance.

3. It reduces equipment’s workload. Using rubber tracks decreases the vibration, which can be damaging to the operator and equipment.

4. It is cost effective. Installation of rubber tracks is much easier and cheaper compared to steel tracks. Moreover using rubber tracks reduces fuel consumption.

5. It is humidity resistant. Since the rubber itself is not affected by corrosion, it is perfect for use in humid or rainy conditions.

At the moment, Composite Industrial provides rubber tracks for construction machinery in the following models: 180C, 230C, 300C, 400C, 700.
We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the promotional video of the company at the link.

Composit invites you to YUGAGRO 2022

Composit invites you to visit Russia’s largest international agricultural trade show “YUGAGRO”, November 22-25, 2022 .

In 2022, YugAgro showcases over 600 Russian and international exhibitors, representing manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machinery, equipment and materials for crop production. In 2021, it attracted 14,381 visitors looking to source new products and services for their businesses. YugAgro 2022 will take place on 22-25 November at Expograd Yug, the largest exhibition venue in Southern Russia.

YugAgro’s visitor base covers representatives of agro-holdings, agricultural companies, farming enterprises, suppliers of agricultural machinery and spare parts, agrochemicals and planting materials producers, and agricultural machinery maintenance companies from 73 regions of Russia and 47 other countries worldwide.

We are always glad to see you!

Composit hoses in USA

Composit self-floating hoses are working successfully on Manson Construction company`s dredging object in USA.

Manson Construction is one of the largest dredging companies in USA, specialized on building the National waterways and Marine Infrastructure since 1905. (Video)

Composit team visited Indonesia

The most important goal for Composit company is expanding the number of satisfied customers. For this reason, our experts visited Indonesian mining companies, discussed the most current questions and approved the partnership strategy.

Composit team met top-managers of Intecs Teknikatama Industri, our distributor and one of our key partners.  During the series of meetings experts discussed the equipment Composit products will work with as well as nuances of projects necessary for successful operation.

Then Composit team flew to the Sumbawa Island to meet MacMahon engineering company. Our delegation had also visited the Lombok Island and AMMAN mining complex for 3 days. After all Composit team returned to Jakarta and conducted the sales training in Intecs Head Office.

We are gratefulf to our partners for the warm welcome and hope for fruitful cooperation!

Composit invites you to Electra Mining Africa 2022

Composit invites you to visit Southern Africa’s largest trade show across the mining, electrical, automation, manufacturing, power and transport industries. The event will take place from 5th to 9th of September in Johannesburg.

This exhibition considers a great number of aspects related to that industry starting from mining equipment and ending with marketing researches. The main topical sections this year are: – Equipment and technologies for rock production – Exploration Field Technology – Safety problems in mining industry – Industrial Minerals –Construction Mechanics – Ecological Problems – The Role of Mining Industry, etc. Electra Mining Africa 2022 is supposed to gather more than 30 000 of specialists together in one place so it can be a unique opportunity to present your products and services to a large number of companies.

Composit will present some new and effective solutions for mining industry and demonstrate their products in Mining Complex. Our team will be waiting for everyone who expresses the interest in partnership in Expo Centre Johannesburg, stand J25, Hall 6.

We are always glad to see you!

Composit attended SEYMARTEC MINING in Chelyabinsk

Composit team has visited SEYMARTEC MINING forum, which was held in Chelyabinsk from 27th to 29th of July. The event united more than 150 speakers from 15 countries and delegations from 400 companies.

The forum program was rich this year. Visitors discussed urgent topics like prospects for domestic mining, digitalization of GOK’s, subtleties of open and underground works, industrial safety and ecological concerns.

Composit is grateful to the forum organizers for opportunity to meet with professionals of mining industry once again!

Composit hoses are used on Yildiz Bakir mining complex in Turkey

Composit flexible hoses are working successfully on Yildiz Bakir copper deposit and the ore beneficiation plant. The mining complex is located in Gumuskhane province on an area of 19,410,700 m2.

The ore mined from the quarry is subjected to primary beneficiation in a flotation plant and pyrite (fes2) gold concentrate is obtained as the final product.

The closing of Coal of Russia and Mining 2022

The closing of Coal of Russia and Mining 2022, a major international mining industry exhibition in Russia, was held just recently. Composit participated there as one of the exhibitors. Coal of Russia and Mining 2022 was an excellent place to showcase advanced technologies and innovative developments in the sphere of mining so Composit presented its latest products – such as rubber ceramics and gate valves. During the four exhibition days, various conferences, business meetings, and other events were hosted, allowing all participants to fully immerse themselves in the theme of mining.

Composit expresses its gratitude to everyone who participated in the event. See you again!

The Composit team visited two dredging conferences in USA

The Composit representative in USA attended two dredging conferences arranged by influential dredging associations. The first one – Midwest Chapter of the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) held at the Hyatt Regency, Green Bay, Wisconsin, March 21-23, 2022.

The Midwest Chapter of WEDA represents Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada.

One of the most important things about the WEDA Midwest Chapter Meeting is the amount of business development and networking that is encourage at the meetings to help strengthen the dredging community.

Our team has met with clients from the Midwest and other parts of the United States and even with companies from Netherlands.

Another conference was the NSSGA Annual Convention (AGG1), held at the Omni Nashville Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, March 27-30, 2022.

The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) is the leading voice and advocate for the aggregates industry. Members are stone, sand and gravel producers and the equipment manufacturers and service providers who support them.

NSSGA advances public policies that protect and expand the safe, environmentally responsible use of aggregates that build America’s infrastructure and economy. During AGG1 event, our team met with leading companies in the mining of aggregates, manufacturers of processing and dredging equipment.  Composit products are highly competitive in the mining and dredging industries and have very promising applications across Americas.


Here is a special greeting to express to you our sincere appreciation for your confidence and loyalty over the last year. We are deeply thankful and extend to you our best wishes , the Christmas season is a perfect time of the year to let you know how much we appreciate your business. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! From 31/12/2021 to 9/01/2022 Composit has New Year’s holidays that is why all your requests will be answered on January,10. Thanks for understanding!


From December 9 to 12, LLC Composit was taking part in one of the largest international mining exhibitions Mining Turkey 2021. This event touched upon various aspects related to the mining industry: rock mechanics, industrial minerals, exploration technology, environmental issues, marketing research in the mining industry, etc. The exhibition gathered more than 250 participants, each of whom had a unique opportunity to attend a great multicultural event with the best representatives of the industry and to present new effective solutions for the mining and processing complex. Composit Company shows gratitude towards all the organizers and participants of the exhibition Mining Turkey 2021 and expresses hope for further close cooperation!


Mining Turkey 2021 is one of the largest exhibitions of mining industry that will take place in Turkish cultural center, the city of Istanbul. This exhibition considers a great number of aspects related to that industry starting from mining equipment and ending with marketing researches. The main topical sections are: – Equipment and technologies for rock production – Exploration Field Technology – Metalliferous Ores – Industrial Minerals – Natural Stones – Rock Mechanics – Ecological Problems – The Role of Mining Industry, etc. Mining Turkey 2021 is supposed to be a unique opportunity to present your products and services to a number of large companies specialized in mining industry and to organize business ties with them during the discussions held in the exhibition. Composit’s company will present some new and effective solutions for mining industry and demonstrate their products in Mining Complex. Our team will be waiting for everyone who expresses the interest in partnership in such spheres as mining and dredging. Mining Turkey 2021 is seated in the congress center Tüyap, Composit’s stand is №210, Hall 2. We will be glad to see you!


Composit has actively participated in the International Conference and Exhibition “Coal of Russia and the CIS” from November 16 to November 17. The event was devoted to the experience exchange between the key players in the coal industry, the discussion of the most influential investment projects, the construction and updating of enterprises and infrastructure facilities, the development of new deposits, and a possibility of efficiency improving for the establishments involved in the industry’s operation. The conference agenda was quite extensive. Over 200 people attended the conference within two days, inclusive CEOs of the largest coal companies in Russia and CIS countries, as well as investment project initiators, equipment designers and manufacturers. The Coal of Russia and the CIS Conference provided an excellent opportunity for Composit to present oneself, meet with key partners and investors, and discuss prospects. Composit would like to express its gratitude to all organizers of the event. We hope to see you next year!


Composit employees actively worked at the Europort 2021 exhibition from November 2 to November 5. The event devoted to river and sea transportation, port and marine technologies, and equipment came to an end on November 5. Europort 2021 is a one-of-a-kind event held in Rotterdam, the world’s shipbuilding capital. Europort 2021 attracted 30,000 visitors from 93 countries and over 1,000 exhibitors, setting a new record for international visitors. Traditionally, the exhibition organizers place a high emphasis on complex shipbuilding and innovative technologies covering the construction of marine, dredging, fishing, building vessels, working boats, as well as inland navigation vessels. At Europort 2021, Composit presented its products for the hydraulic mechanization field. The event was outlined as an adaptive venue for enhancing international cooperation opportunities between solution providers and end-users. Composit wishes to thank all of the organizers of the Europort 2021 exhibition! We hope to see you at the 41st conference!


The official closing of the 15th anniversary International Exhibition “Mining, Metallurgy, and Metalworking – MiningMetals Uzbekistan 2021” took place on November 5. MiningMetals Uzbekistan 2021 is a leading industry venue, where the most cutting-edge technologies in mining, metallurgy, metalworking, and mechanical engineering are showcased. For three days of the exhibition operation, over 3,000 different winning and mining experts attended the event, where the largest industrial companies could demonstrate the most recent innovations thereof. MiningMetals Uzbekistan 2021 provided Composit with an opportunity to showcase all aspects of its operation. Composit demonstrated new solutions for mining and construction equipment, which became the company’s main focus. The exhibition offered Composit the opportunity to meet and discuss the prospects with the key partners in person. At our booth, our employees met actively with all specialists interested in the products of Composit, provided consultancies and answered all questions. Composit would like to thank all of the organizers of the MiningMetals Uzbekistan 2021 exhibition. Next year, we hope to see you soon!


Composit warmly welcomes you to the 15th anniversary International Exhibition “Mining, Metallurgy and Metalworking – MiningMetals Uzbekistan 2021,” which will take place from November 3 to 5 in Ankhor Park, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. For the past 15 years, MiningMetals Uzbekistan has served as a credentialed venue, bringing together hundreds of participating companies, thousands of visitors from all over the world, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, mining and metallurgical holdings representatives, and academic circles. Composit will introduce new effective solutions for various industries and showcase its products in three areas at the MiningMetals Uzbekistan 2021 exhibition: Mining Complex, Dredging, and Tracks for construction equipment. Our employees will be waiting for everyone who is in the mining or dredging industry or is interested in collaborating at our booth E40 in Hall 3. We would be pleased to see everyone interested in the attending.



From November 2–5, Composit invites you to the 40th edition of the international exhibition of river and sea transport as well as port and maritime technology and equipment – Europort 2021.  The exhibition will take place in one of the world’s most famous port cities – Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Europort 2021 is the leading exhibition for special purpose vessels. It is the business hub for the maritime sector, as the event focuses on specialized ships and the smart solutions which drive success. The scope of the exhibition includes dredging, sea shipping, specialized offshore shipping, inland shipping, naval vessels, cruises and ferries, and workboats. For Composit, Europort 2021 will act as a platform providing opportunities to strengthen international cooperation between solution providers and end customers. We invite you to visit us in Booth 8115 located in Hall 8. Our team will be ready for an open dialog with specialists in the dredging industry in order to explain the advantages of Composit products and to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you at Europort 2021!


Composit will take part in Minex Russia 2021, the 17th MINEX Russia Mining and Exploration Forum, which will be held in Moscow’s Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Europe Square 2, on October 5-7.The MINEX Russia Mining and Exploration Forum is a leading international industry event offering new opportunities and models for business development in the mining and metallurgical industries, both in Russia and other countries in the Eurasian Economic Community.On October 6-7 the forum will host an exhibition featuring Russian and international companies and organizations operating in the geological prospecting, mining, processing and metallurgical industries.Composit goods for mining will be shown in this event. MINEX Russia 2021 offers a great opportunity to showcase Composit’s innovations and announce its plans for future.Composit’s professional will be glad to consult anyone interested in mining and to highlight our products advantages and present new technological solutions for mining.We look forward to seeing you at MINEX Russia 2021!


The closing event for the 26th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition – MINING AND METALS CENTRAL ASIA – took place on October 1. Over the course of three days, more than 3,000 different specialists working in the mining industry attended the exhibition. It covered an area of about 4,000 square meters, featuring not only exhibitor stands but also specialized machinery and various equipment for mining and processing plants. A number of large companies presented their latest developments in their respective industries, offering solutions to field-specific problems of the mining industry. In addition to the main program, the exhibition hosted various roundtables, presentations, and seminars to discuss relevant technical issues as well as prospects for cooperation and investment projects. For Composit, MINING AND METALS CENTRAL ASIA 2021 was an excellent opportunity to showcase our products in the international arena. This event gave us a unique chance to meet with existing partners in person, exchange experience with colleagues, and learn a lot. Our company’s representatives were pleased to meet everybody who was interested in our products, answered all questions, and consulted with specialists at the Composit stand. Composit would like to express gratitude to all organizers and exhibitors of MINING AND METALS CENTRAL ASIA 2021. We hope to see you next year!


The official closing event for the 16th International Maritime Exhibition and Conference for Commercial Shipping, Shipbuilding, Offshore Energy, Ports, Inland Waterways, and Oceanography – NEVA 2021 – took place on September 24. More than 500 local and international organizations attended NEVA 2021 this year, including the representatives of shipbuilding and ship repair companies, different industry associations, and development organizations. This specialized maritime exhibition and conference brought together representatives from many countries and regions, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, South Korea, and many others. All of them gathered to demonstrate their latest developments and share their experience. The exhibition and conference hosted more than 30 large conferences, discussions, roundtables, and seminars оver the course of 4 days About 1,500 delegates and specialists from relevant fields spoke at the conference, raising various issues concerning further development and innovations in dredging. Composit is a regular guest and exhibitor at NEVA 2021. And each time, this event provides us with a unique opportunity to become informed on the modern development trends in commercial shipbuilding and shipping and demonstrate our company’s potential. The event allowed our company to demonstrate our competitive advantage in manufacturing hoses and other products for dredging operations. Composit products caught the attention of both local and international companies. Composit would like to express gratitude to all organizers and participants of the 16th International Maritime Exhibition and Conference for Commercial Shipping, Shipbuilding, Offshore Energy, Ports, Inland Waterways, and Oceanography – NEVA 2021. We hope to meet again at the 17th conference!


Almaty, Kazakhstan will host the 26th Central Asian International Exhibition, MINING AND METALS CENTRAL ASIA, on September 29 – October 1. MINING AND METALS CENTRAL ASIA is a professional platform for showcasing the technological achievements of companies from different parts of the world. Exhibitors can participate in the event to not only demonstrate their innovative technologies but also determine the competitiveness of other companies’ products, expand their market reach, and find new investors and partners. This annual event brings together hundreds of companies and thousands of visitors, suppliers, manufacturers, and other representatives working in the mining industry. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Mining and Metals Central Asia, which has proven to be an effective platform for discussing and solving the problems in the mining and metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan and other regions. In addition to the main events, the exhibition will be accompanied by various business programs, including coverage of the most pressing issues in the mining industry.  The exhibition will also run industry-related roundtables, presentations, and seminars to discuss the problems and development prospects of the mining industry. MINING AND METALS CENTRAL ASIA 2021 is an excellent opportunity for Composit to expand professional contacts, demonstrate the products on the international market, exchange experience with colleagues, and find new partners and investors. Composit employees are excited to meet you and to answer all your questions at our stand, located in Pavilion 10. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


Just recently was held the closing of a major international mining industry exhibition – MINExpo 2021, where Composit participated as one of the exhibitors and presented its products. During the three days of the exhibition, were gathered in the same location, thousands of representatives of various companies, specialists, connected to the sphere of mining and extraction of minerals, as well as various specialists from related fields. MINExpo 2021 was an excellent place to showcase advanced technologies and innovative developments in the sphere of mining and processing complex. Throughout the entire exhibition, various conferences, business meetings, and other events were hosted, allowing all participants to fully immerse themselves in the theme of mining. For Composit, MINExpo represented an excellent opportunity to present its products on the international scene, to share its new developments and achievements, as well as to meet face-to-face with its current partners and to find new ones. Composit expresses its gratitude to everyone who participated in the international exhibition MINExpo 2021. See you again!


The closing event for the 3rd International Conference and Exhibition dedicated to technologies and innovations for the mining industry – TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021 took place on September 10. The main focus of the conference program was to demonstrate innovative technologies and developments by various enterprises and organizations involved in the mining and processing complex. This event combines the formats of an exhibition and a conference; thus, TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021 consisted of two days of intense business communication, as well as multiple reports on the technological equipment of one of the most important industries in the Russian Federation. Unlike regular exhibitions, the conference was held in a less formal setting, thus encouraging personal communication, forming new business connections, developing the mining community, and discussing the latest technologies and industry trends. By participating in the TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021 exhibition and conference, Composit received a unique opportunity to present its products and innovative developments in the mining industry, strengthen relationships with existing partners, attract new agents, and learn something new. We would like to express our gratitude to all organizers and exhibitors. We hope to see you soon next year!


The 16th International Specialized Exhibition and Conference on Civilian Shipbuilding, Navigation, Ports, and Ocean and Shelf Development, “NEVA 2021,” will be held on September 21-24 in the EXPOFORUM Exhibition and Convention Centre. Traditionally the exhibition is held in the most significant maritime capital of the Russian Federation – St. Petersburg. The show is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and government institutions and public organizations that promote entrepreneurship, export development, and strengthening of international cooperation. “NEVA 2021” is an internationally known event. It helps establish business and partnership cooperation in dredging, shipbuilding, navigation on inland waterways, and development and improvement of ports, as well as production and modernization of machinery. The program of the event promises to be rich. Over 30 different conferences, discussions, round tables, and seminars will be held over the four days of the exhibition. Nearly 1500 delegates, speakers, and specialists in the field of dredging will be able to speak at the event and share their experiences. This is not the first year Composit has taken part in the event. This is an excellent opportunity for our company to establish and develop interregional and international cooperation and strengthen partnerships. At the “NEVA 2021” exhibition, Composit will present its products and demonstrate the main advantages of manufactured hoses and other dredging products. Our specialists will meet and consult with all guests at the stand. We are waiting for all guests, and specialists interested in dredging at our stand, G5106 Pavilion G. We will be glad to see you!


The 3rd International Conference and Exhibition of technologies and innovations for the mining industry – TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021 – will open soon. The international conference will be held in Moscow on September 9-10. This is one of the largest and most important conferences for representatives of the mining and processing complex. It brings together everyone involved in the mining industry. The program of TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021 is extremely promising. The main focus of the conference is to demonstrate innovative technologies and new industry practices. Also, the specialists will cover the issues of design, reconstruction, and construction of the mining enterprise, new modern safety technologies, labor protection, and much more. TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021 is an excellent opportunity for Composit to demonstrate its solutions for the mining industry, strengthen partnerships, and find new clients. We look forward to meeting you at the Courtyard by Marriott at TECH MINING RUSSIA 2021!


Composit invites you to visit a massive international exhibition for the mining industry – MINExpo 2021 – from September 13 – 15. MINExpo 2021 is the largest platform for presenting modern equipment, innovative products, services, and technology, combining all aspects related to the mining industry – exploration, field development, open-pit and underground mining, processing, safety, environmental improvement, and much more. For Composit, MINExpo 2021 is an excellent opportunity to personally meet with our customers and partners, find new customers, demonstrate our achievements, and share plans for the future. Composit representatives will meet you at our booth 2371 in North Hall. Our employees will be happy to answer your questions about the products and the company in general. It is worth noting that the exhibition will be compliant with all preventive epidemiological measures. We are looking forward to seeing all attendees!


A strong and cohesive team is essential for any large organization that wants to be successful. Composit makes sure that each employee has a corporate life that is as rich and eventful as possible. Our company regularly arranges ongoing educational, training, sports, and cultural events. Recently, we organized a meeting for Composit employees with a practicing psychologist Irina Shumakova, who spoke on the topic of “emotional intelligence.” Emotional intelligence or EQ is the ability to recognize and manage emotions, intentions, motivations, desires, etc. This skill helps to solve practical problems and achieve goals that you set in your personal life and at work. People with a high EQ know how to negotiate with others and respond properly to negative situations. Emotional intelligence skills are becoming more and more relevant in the current state of life and team relationships. This is because when you constantly interact with people, it is vital to maintain a calm and positive attitude, as well as to be able to influence people’s moods for the better. For example, if necessary, you must be able to help them feel calm when they are feeling anxious. These days, many employers measure the EQ of future candidates during the hiring process. This further proves the importance of this skill for modern people. Composit employees were very impressed by the training event. Many were able to reconsider their personal and business positions and left highly motivated to develop and improve themselves. We express our gratitude to all the organizers of the event, as well as to our employees who are always ready to learn.


Composit has been manufacturing and selling large-diameter, wear-resistant rubber-lined steel hoses and other products used for pumping abrasive slurry, which are most often applied in the mining industry, for many years. In 2021, Composit took part in a large-scale project to construct a technological site for one of the leading enterprises of the Russian Federation. Our role was to ship rubber-lined steel hoses that we manufactured. Within the framework of this program, Composit has developed wear-resistant hoses with an internal rubber layer and diameter over 1300 mm. The hoses were custom-made, taking into account all technical possibilities and wishes of the end-user. The hose branch supplied includes various types of products: one was rubber-fabric wear-resistant hoses with high flexibility, which is necessary for working in cramped conditions. Another product was rubber-lined self-supporting hoses of multiple lengths, which protect from external weather conditions – in turn, increasing the service life of hoses and positively affecting the economic efficiency in general. Composit always tries to find the best solution and provide the clients with cooperation on favorable terms. We hope that our customers will be satisfied with the quality of the delivered products.


Each client and application is vital to Composit. That’s why we strive to create a convenient way to contact our company specifically for you! It should be noted that Composit manufactures and sells products in various areas, one of which is the production for the industries of mining and dredging. Our employees actively analyze each request and always provide a timely response. As soon as the Composit team receives a request, it goes straight to processing. The received request is transferred to the responsible manager to further communicate with the client and clarify key points. If necessary, a questionnaire is sent. Then, there is a thorough procedure of agreeing on the technical characteristics that constitute the customer’s need. After obtaining the necessary information, everything is transferred to the design and engineering department, where our specialists are engaged in developing drawings and approving technological standards. After working through all the above points, the approved documents are passed to the l responsible manager for review and confirmation by the customer. Then, all the relevant documents are forwarded to the planning and economic department to calculate the cost of future products. At this stage, our client receives a complete commercial proposal. Then, we conclude a contract; the requested products are included in the production plan. Composit performs the manufacturing of the declared items, carries out all the necessary technological tests, and conducts the shipment of products according to the customer’s wishes. Thus, Composit is very attentive and responsible for processing each request, from the moment of its receipt to the installation of products on site. We want to draw your attention to the fact that Composit strives to improve and constantly take care of its customers. We maintain a feedback loop with each of our customers, analyze the satisfaction with the quality of delivered products, and determine customer loyalty to the Composit brand. Our employees also conduct on-site events where they evaluate the quality of Composit products’ performance. We hope this information was helpful to you! You can find a full catalog of our products on the company website, Sending your request for ordering and purchasing products is possible in two ways: 1. Call us at +7(4712)-200-600 2. Send your request to


Composit shipped a 650 mm seif-floating hoses to the Caspian coast in June for a large-scale project. This type of hoses is wear-resistant and withstands a pressure of 1.0 MPa. Moreover, seif-floating hoses are protected from waves and wind. Another advantage of this type of hoses is the nipple flanges, which allows to ensure reliable and safe operation in exploit in marine conditions. The hoses have already been successfully tested by Composit before the shipment and are ready for operating at the customer facility. We expect that the Сustomer will be satisfied with the choice of Composit products.


Composit is supplying products to various countries and cities around the world.

In March, we shipped the Composit hose for a large-scale project in Poland which entails building of a canal that will connect the Baltic Sea with the Zalew Wislany. The pipeline branch consists of 8 sections, the first is the so-called «rubber», which allows to ensure more manoeuvrability.

For our client, the construction of the  Zalew Wislany is strategically important, as its further implementation will allow ships to pass the bay directly, saving 100 km of track. The investment in this project was over 880 million dollars. Composit has fulfilled its commitments, the products were delivered on time and immediately put into service.

The customer is fully satisfied with the quality of the delivered products. We wish to express gratitude to Przekop Mierzei Wiślanej for the opportunity to participate in such a big project and credibility of our company. We also thank Tom ( for the video materials provided.

ELKO 2021

From June 9 to 11th in Elko city in Nevada, USA great exhibition Elko Mining Expo 2021 was held. Composit was one of the exhibitors at this exhibition and products for mining. Elko Mining Expo 2021 is one of the oldest international and most prestigious mining exhibitions held in the United States, attracting exhibitors and visitors from around the world, by demonstrating the latest mining equipment and technology. Composit Elko Mining Expo has become an excellent platform for presenting our products on the international market, getting acquainted with the range of various large companies, as well as finding new customers and partners. We express our gratitude to the organizer of the exhibition and to all who participated in this large-scale event. Until we meet again!


From the 1st of June to the 4th of June Composit will be taking part in the largest international exhibition of mining technologies «Coal of Russia and Mining 2021» at the exhibition complex «Kuzbas Fair» in Novokuznetsk. URiM 2021 is one of the few projects in Russia aimed at all sectors of the mining industry, as well as a unique site for the demonstration of the latest technologies, which opens new horizons of cooperation to foreign and domestic companies and allows to use presented opportunities for business development. For our company participation in «Coal of Russia and Mining 2021» is a unique opportunity to present our products on the international arena, to strengthen ties with existing partners and clients, to attract new agents, as well as a chance to learn something new. Our specialists are ready to advise you on any interesting questions: they will tell you about the advantages and peculiarities of our products and present new Composit solutions. We are located in Pavilion 1, stand 1G16. We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Composit has approved an ambitious strategic development plan for the next 5 years and has committed itself to active implementation of the strategy.As a part of this plan, we have already begun the construction of new production worksites and office buildings at 5 Solovinaya Street.According to the approved strategy:2022: it is planned to relocate the staff of the locksmith and mechanical sections to the new buildings.2023: it is planned to build the new section facilities.The construction of such facilities is a major and important event for our region caus; it allows creating additional worksites and ensuring future economic growth of the Kursk region.Two years ago Roman Starovoit has visited Composit and got acquainted with the production process and the range of the Composit products. Today the head of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit visited construction to see the process and has become aware and scale of the construction.We thank heads of the Kursk regions and the representatives of the administration for visiting our company, and we hope for support in the development of the new industrial site in our region.


Today, the 21th International Exhibition of Bauma CTT RUSSIA 2021 has started at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow. The exhibition will take place until May 28th. Bauma CTT RUSSIA is an international specialized trade fair with a 20-year history. The event is the largest exhibition of the construction industry in Russia and the most important communication platform in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. Composit takes an active part in the event. We present all kinds of produced and sold products on directions «Hoses» and «Tracks for snowmobile». Bauma CTT RUSSIA is a promising platform that provides the opportunity to strengthen business relations with partners, clients, and exchange experience with domestic and foreign colleagues. We will be glad to see clients, partners and just everyone on our booth 14-426. See you later!


Composit company regularly conducts trainings for its employees. Training is important because it represents a good opportunity for employees to grow their knowledge base and improve their job skills to become more effective in the workplace. So, on 17 and 18th of May the general manager of the company, Alexander Nekrasov, conducted training for employees in time-management. Time management is the process of planning and controlling how much time to spend on specific activities. Good time management enables an individual to complete more in a shorter period of time, lowers stress, and leads to career success. During the training Alexander Nekrasov shared his personal experience in work process organization, told about right goal setting and methods of gaining self-discipline. The staff was impressed by various time-management techniques, especially the life calendar and the wheel of life. Each participant also received recommendations on reading books devoted to the subject of time management skills development. The main outcome of the training is the employees’ motivation and willingness to work, which is one of the main indicators of success for Composit.


Composit export sales have significantly grown over time.Six months ago, our company supplied self-floating and sinker rubber hoses to France. The self-floating and sinker hoses of 300 mm diameter and of 300 m length were installed in the port of Rochefort and are now successfully operating, ensuring the maintenance of the water level and being an important component of the water treatment system.It should be mentioned that due to the individual approach to the client, the hoses were manufactured and installed in such a way that their design and location does not interfere with the passage of sea transport, forming a specific “corridor” for movement, which, in turn, contributes to the stable and uninterrupted operation of ships.Our client has shared the photos and videos of Composit hoses installed in Rochefort, which let us see the successful operation of the products at the site of operation.The client is completely satisfied with the quality and work of the delivered products and is aimed at further productive cooperation with Composit.


The 22nd of April was the final day of Mining World Russia 2021. This year 166 companies from 20 countries took part in the exhibition, located in two halls of pavilion No. 1 of the Crocus Expo IEC. About 4400 specialists from the mining industry visited the exposition and got acquainted with the equipment and other products of the participants and the business program of the exhibition. At the event, Composit representatives were able to meet our clients and partners, as well as establish new contacts with mining companies for further profitable cooperation. Despite the overwhelming number of participants from Russia and the CIS countries, Composit products have attracted special interest from foreign companies. Increased wear resistance, high quality, ability to work even in hard-to-reach areas, and long experience in operation at the mining enterprises differentiates our products in the world pipeline market. The result of the exhibition for Composit company was not only the acquisition and establishment of relations with Russian and foreign partners but also the acquaintance with the products of the companies that took part in the event, as well as the exchange of experience with specialists in the mining industry. We are looking forward to taking part in the 26th Mining World Russia Exhibition of Machines and Equipment for Mining, Processing, and Transportation of Mineral Resources!


Step by step, Composit is approaching its goal of becoming a leader manufacturer of rubber hoses and steel rubber-lined products.The constant expansion of the geographical distribution of products is one of the main components of successful work in this area.To achieve this goal, Composit specialists regularly work to develop new regions. For example, this summer Composit is going to make its first shipment to the Philippines.The shipment will include a batch of steel rubber-lined products for the use in a gold factory.Despite Composit vast experience with mining companies, the new region is always a new and interesting challenge in product delivery, installation and maintenance.Therefore, we are looking forward to the successful achievement of all our goals.


Today, the 25th International Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment for Mining, Processing and Transportation of Minerals-Mining World Russia 2021 has started at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow.For Composit, participation in this event has already become a good annual tradition.The exhibition MWR provides us with a unique opportunity to meet in one place and at one time our partners and clients with whom we have long-term cooperation, as well as to establish new contacts with companies and specialists in the mining industry.Composit representatives have been actively involved in the work since the opening of the exhibition and have been meeting visitors at our stand for the whole day.We invite everyone involved in the mining, processing and transportation of minerals to take part in the Mining World Russia 2021, which will be held from April 20 to 23. To get a free e-ticket, use our unique promo code: mwr21eZMOT.Composit booth number is B4035, Hall 3, Pavilion 1.We will be glad to see everyone!


«Keep your hand on the pulse» means to follow the situation closely and offer quick solutions to the problems that arise. Composit has gone further as constant development is an integral part of our work. Due to our own R&D department we always try to foresee new potential problems our clients may have during the operating and offer innovative solutions and products. For example, if an enterprise requires two inputs and one output, with the possibility of closing the entrances in turn, Composit proposes to use its new product – an autoball. An autoball is a rubber-lined steel bend with a neck located in the middle of the outer formation and perpendicular thereto. Rubber-lined steel transitions (entrances) are fixed to the flanges of the withdrawal and are connected to the lines, and a rubber-lined steel ball located inside the bend helps to close the line which is not in working condition. After activation of the working pump as the pressure inside the article increases, the ball moves to the inactive inlet, hermetically closing it. Autoball is suitable for operation at the enterprises of the mining complex on pumping lines. This product automates the switching process between main and duplicate pumps and reduces the number of shut-off fittings used in the enterprise.


We try to provide regular training and development activities for our employees. Recently, the CEO of the company, Sergey Degtiarev has held the training event «Simply about complicated», where he shared his knowledge on the topic of goal setting and proven ways to achieve them. In the nearest future we are planning to continue the series of lectures and workshops for the company staff. Stay tuned.


Today, in the realities of the difficult economic and epidemiological situation in the country, the main headache for Russian companies engaged in the field of dredging and underwater technical works is a number of issues:

  1. How and where to look for dredging projects?
  2. Where to get financial sources for their implementation?
  3. What methods and technologies of the dredging industry are used in their activities by Russian and foreign companies?

All these issues, as well as the best international practices in the field of hydraulic structures and dredging, will be put on the agenda at the IV Congress “Hydraulic Structures and Dredging”, which combines two events at once: the VIII International Forum of Dredging Companies and the IV Technical Conference “Modern Solutions for dredging works “. The forum and conference are held on March 10 and 11 in Moscow at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Composit, as one of the leading manufacturers of wear-resistant hoses for dredging in Russia, has been a constant participant of the Congress for several years in a row, and 2021, despite the coronavirus ups and downs, fortunately, was no exception for us. In addition to participating in these events, Composit is sponsoring the International Forum of Dredging Companies. At the congress, our representatives are planning to hold meetings with the largest representatives of the industry, and will make a presentation on the topic: “Wear-resistant technologies for dredging” as leading experts in their field. IV Congress “Hydraulic Structures and Dredging” is an event that should be in the mandatory program of attendance for any company associated with the industry of dredging and hydraulic engineering. Composit invites everyone from 10 to 11 March to become a part of this event and get a unique opportunity to meet and establish contact with customers and successful performers of underwater technical work in one place. See you in Moscow!


After a series of lockdowns and prolonged “exhibition holidays”, Composit finally gets back on track and in 2021 begins to participate in industry events again. From March 7 to 10, our company will become a part of the PDAC Convention 2021 event as an exhibitor. The PDAC Convention exhibition and conference is the largest platform for meetings of specialists and representatives of mining companies. From year to year, the popularity of this event is only growing: last year, the 88th PDAC Convention attracted 23,144 visitors from more than 130 countries. Why is PDAC attractive and useful for any participant: – its informative technical program; -high-quality short courses. An exhibition that brings together more than 350 organizations from all over the world in one place; – potential resource companies participating in the Investors Exchange. This year, despite the new online format of the event, each participant will be able to get a lot of advantages: communication with other representatives of the mining industry, attending thematic classes, meeting with exhibiting companies, participating in meaningful conversations in online halls and safe video meetings with potential or existing partners. Composit invites all interested parties to visit or participate in PDAC Convention 2021! Do not miss the unique opportunity to communicate in real time with colleagues and business leaders using secure web conferencing technology.


Composit will participate in the MineXchange SME Annual Conference & Expo from March 1-5, 2021. The event has been the most anticipated technical conference in the mining industry for many years. Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the world, the MineXchange SME Annual Conference & Expo will be held online, which, however, will not prevent all participants from receiving useful information about new products, comprehensive services and solutions offered by companies related to the mining industry. The 2021 conference program will be a dynamic mix of live presentations and poster sessions. The event will discuss a number of the most important topics related to the processing of bulk materials, mineral and metallurgical processing, mining, geological exploration and other areas of the mining industry. In addition to the technical conference, all MineXchange SME Annual Conference & Expo 2021 attendees will have the opportunity to attend a virtual exhibition where exhibiting companies can present and demonstrate their products and services.