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Rubber-lined steel pipe

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Basic description

The pipe is widely used on the deck part of a dredger and as a sinker hose (drain hose). The rigid construction makes it suitable for installing on stationary areas of the dredger deck without additional support systems.

The inner part of the rubber-lined steel pipe has a wear-resistant rubber layer which enhances better durability compared to a regular metallic pipe. Due to the rigid base, this pipe can be used on the water bottom as a sinker hose without creating any obstacles to shipping traffic.

Working pressure
Up to 2,0 MPa
Inside diameter
Up to 1020 mm
Maximum length
Up to 6000 mm

The warranty period of storage and operation is according to the technical specifications of the manufacturer.

The Supplier guarantees the reliability of the supplied Goods within the terms specified in the quality certificate, subject to the rules of transportation, storage and operation.

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